2021 Sign Ups are now LIVE!

Now is your chance to get yourself and your neighbors added to the online sales map.
Our Goals (Updated July 1st):  
  • 25 Homes by July 7th
  • 50 Homes by August 1st
  • 100 Homes by August 15th

Current RSVP: 13 homes (as of 7/1/21)

Stay Safe & Enjoy other local Sales!

People have different levels of comfort when it comes to taking risks and COVID-19. Be kind with your friends and fellow garage sale shoppers who are out shopping too.

  • Abide by Social Distancing health regulations (currently under Phase 3) — Stay 6 feet away from non-household members while you are outside, Cover your face when you are in public and Wash your hands frequently, and use hand sanitizer.
  • Use electronic payment payment methods if possible to avoid excessive handling of paper money and coins.
  • Obey all street signs and posted speed limits.
  • Abide by City of Marysville Code for Garage Sales.
  • Please park along the road or in driveways if applicable and try not to block in other vehicles.

Neighborhood Garage Sale Planning Ideas

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