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Garage Sale Weekend 2019

by William
Map Pins showing locations of all the sales within Marysville, WA
2019 AMGS Map Pins

We finally made it to the community garage sale weekend! It may not be the weekend yet for some, but our garage sales listing is finalized!

Our Final Total is 118 Sales!

Though we have had a change of a few drop out due to emergent needs while others are last minute wanting to be added to the map. We did add a few Online Only entries, but we can safely say we have our list of sales to watch each day.

Check the map pin colors:

  • Friday: 70 Sales (Green, Orange, Blue)
  • Saturday: 112 Sales (Green, Blue, Red, Purple)
  • Sunday: 61 Sales (Green, Purple, Brown)

Print Poster Map

In addition to the Online Map, this year we also did create a Print Poster Map 11″x17″ which is available for PDF download or available at the WhistleStop Sweet Shop on 3rd Street (limited quantity).

Hope you enjoy the sales! Please share some of your best treasure finds and share on our Facebook Event page or other social media with hashtag #AMGS2019!